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Time to do some flower seed shopping! 2/4/2019

I knew it wouldn’t last, the amazing weather didn’t stay for long, like I said we live in Idaho! Thats okay though, I needed to buy lavender starts and flower seed. Wait did I mention I decided to grow cut flowers too?!? I had enough time to do both, right, no big thing, I got this! So I ordered 600 lavender starts and….ummm….well a few flower seeds. Apparently, I have an issue when purchasing flower seed, I don’t know when to stop. When all my orders were delivered, I had close to 750,000 seeds!! Oh my dear goodness, who does that!!! Well if nothing else it will be beautiful!

Wait, I don’t have a green house, how am I going to start the flower seed? No worries, I have a basement that was left empty when my kids decided to be grown-ups. A few shelves and shop lights and I was on my way to be a lavender and cut flower farmer. “It will be fun”

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