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You Pick Flowers & Lavender   

Lavender Field will open in June 2024

U-Pick Information

Lots of Information-But Worth Reading

Flowers will have a longer vase life if picked in the morning or evening when the temperatures are cooler.

We have set hours, but when Mother Nature is involved, things can change overnight.  We strongly encourage you to follow us on Facebook or check this site for updates on our schedule.

We love to have littles in the flowers to experience how amazing nature is, but we also work very hard to keep the field beautiful.  Please make sure they are loving the flowers as much as we do.

We understand that you love your Fur Babies, we love ours too!  If you bring them on your visit, please use a leash and clean up any accidents.

​​Bees, Bugs, and Birds, Oh My! Yes, we have these little friends and more.  If you have an allergy - bee, pollen, seasonal, or other please note that we cannot control any of these things.  


Small Bucket - $12.00

Large Bucket - $27.00

$2.00 Discount on your next bucket of flowers when you return the original bucket.

What do you need to bring?

 ​If you have it, bring it…Scissors, clippers, gloves, hat and containers for water for the trip home.  Your flowers will thank you!

We do have a few clippers on hand, so no worries if you forgot yours!

Sunscreen, Sunscreen and More Sunscreen.  The sun can sneak up on you when you are distracted by the flowers in the field, so wear that sunscreen!

Water Bottle-It is very important to stay hydrated!

Shoes-Be sure to wear appropriate footwear!  We are not responsible for dirty toes.

Don’t forget your phone and/or camera.  Capture that amazing selfie or the littles picking the perfect flowers. 

Be sure to tag the farm on social media.

How to Cut Flowers

Find your favorite flower(s) and gently hold the flower just below the blossom.

Using clean sharp clippers or scissors, cut one stem at a time.  Be sure to cut long stems for better arraignments and vase life.

Gently remove the bottom leaves and place in water.

How to Cut Lavender

You want long stems, but do not cut into the “woody” area.  If you do it will cause issues with the lavender production next season. 

Wrap with provided wire wrap.

Hang upside down to dry.

Caring for Your Flowers

Please do not leave your flowers in the hot car.

When you are ready to arrange your flowers, use a clean vase with fresh water.  Trim the end of each stem, this allows the flowers to drink again.

Be sure to remove any leaves that will be below the water line.

Clean the vase, change water and trim the stems every 2 to 3 days for longer vase life.

Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight.

Parking-There is parking along the white fence along the driveway.  Additional parking behind the house if needed.

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