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Looking Back at 2021

When I decided to write about the 2021 season, I knew it was going to be about the high winds, the crazy 100 plus degree temperatures we had, and the 2, yes 2, heavy rains. When I started looking at pictures to add, I found a few with the wind and rain damage, that's it, a few. What I did find were tons and tons of pictures of beautiful flowers, stunning bouquets, and smiles.

I'm not going to say last season was rainbows and unicorns by any means. When Mother Nature is your boss, you learn to roll with her mood, good and bad. We lost 2 greenhouses, 13 trays of starts, 72 plants each, in one windstorm. After laying down rows and rows of landscape fabric and drip line, a storm came through during the night and tossed it into the road along our field. Heavy rains flattened the Cosmos and Bells of Ireland in a matter of minutes. Add on several weeks of 100 degree plus days and having the irrigation water shut off a month early makes for very thirsty flowers.

So why am I looking forward to next year? Why do I have the poster board covered with sticky notes designing next season? Why do I want to work so hard for so little income? Why do I have my seeds sorted and labeled for planting? Why did I order another 600 lavender plants?

I absolutely love growing flowers and lavender. I love having people come out to the field and enjoy the beauty. I love hearing the stories when the flowers bring back special memories of their mom or grandmothers garden. I love watching the littles smell the flowers or play in the farmers market. I love watching the sunset in the field after a long day of pulling weeds. I love the bees, butterflies and bugs. That is why.