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Thoughts for today....

Feeling a bit discouraged this morning…The insurance adjuster came out yesterday to look over “Lola” and the word “totaled” came up in conversation. Let me rephrase that, he didn’t actually say she was totaled, but that’s what I heard. He said, if it were still a “camper”, it would be totaled due to the value. Well, it is not a camper, it is our shop! It is months of hard work, changing electricity, re-routing plumbing, fixing dry rot, painting and more. It is my family dealing with me on making changes, having “brilliant ideas”, and being a little enthusiastic (they may say pushy) so not true!!

Let me back up a bit….my daughter, grandson and myself were on our way to a vendor event when a young man ran a stop sign and hit our truck, bounced us over and the hit the front and side of our mobile shop. We must have had a guardian angel with us, because no one was hurt! The truck received front and side damage, but the trailer was heavily damaged, that is where the insurance adjuster comes in…

I don’t know what the adjuster will come back with, he said it is a unique situation and it will take time to look at all the numbers for repairs and the value. I know to some it may seem like I am a bit too attached, but there was a ton of love and determination that went into this project. I will be adding updates as things progress.

I do need to add what an amazing family I have, everyone has assured me that Lola can and will be fixed. They have explained to me what it will take and how it will be done. I am so truly blessed to have all of them in my life and I love them with all my heart. Thank you!!

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