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Lavender Hydrosols Uses

Lavender Hydrosol, also know as lavender water, floral water, or essential water has many everyday uses. Here are just a few…..

1. Facial Toner- Possibly my favorite! With so many skin care products out there, how do you know which ones to use? They often contain harsh chemicals or are made with synthetic fragrances. Some may even cause more damage to your skin, unlike lavender hydrosol. It has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that will help to reduce blemishes and give you a fresher, youthful appearance. Store the bottle in the refrigerator and enjoy a refreshing cool mist during the day, may even help with those horrible hot flashes!

2. Hair Rinse – True, it makes a great hair rinse! It can leave your hair shiny, clean and healthy, but the best part is the fragrance, absolutely unbelievable.

3. Aromatherapy – Hands down my favorite, well except for number 1. Lavender hydrosol in a warm bath is relaxing, relieves stress and can help with sore muscles. Also, the smell is wonderful. Another great use is to mist on bedding and pillows at night to help you sleep.

4. Air Freshener- Mist lavender hydrosol in your home, car or workplace to create a pleasant and inviting area. The light and refreshing fragrance will not overpower the room like some air fresheners. It is also great to use in an essential oil diffuser.

5. DIY – The possibilities are endless! Use it in making soap, lotions, oils, massage creams, the list goes on.

6. House Cleaning – Who knew!! Use lavender hydrosol on countertops, sinks, and floors.

Try it on your mirrors and windows, you will be amazed at the results.

I have no doubt there are many more uses for lavender hydrosol, but these are a few of our favorites. If you have other uses, we would love to hear from you!

Just a reminder, all our hydrosols are 100% pure, safe and natural! They are grown, harvested, distilled and bottled on our no spray farm.

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