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Lavender, Seeds, Landscape Fabric & Irrigation 5/2019

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Not sure if you noticed but I skipped March and April….pretty much consisted of growing plants in our basement and trying to plan where everything was going to go. “Trying” is an interesting word, isn’t it?!

So fast forward to May….

Lots going on this month! The flowers are taking off and need to be in the ground soon. The lavender starts will be available for pick up in a couple weeks, and the remaining flower seeds that didn’t get started in plugs need to be direct sowed. I was a bit concerned about not starting all the flower seed, remember I had about 750,000 (who does that????) but then I learned that was called “succession planting”!! Who knew, I was on the right track.

To plant the lavender starts we needed to roll out the landscape fabric, used staples to hold it down, and then burn holes in it. “It will be fun”! Not so much, the rolls are heavy, the field is on a hill, and it is muddy. Did I mention the field is on a hill, which means we must go up the hill! My boots have added an additional 10 pounds of mud going up the hill. I know I seem to be complaining, but I’m not. Just stating the facts.

After the fabric was down, staples in and holes burnt, my hubby says time to do the irrigation. What?!? There’s more??? It was about that point that I decided I needed a break, well make a breakdown, just a small one. Yes, that is me in the picture, laying down….resting. Is it a bad thing to want to go back to work so you can sit at your desk?

My hubby continued to work on the irrigation the next day so I could get my extra flower seeds in. With the remaining seeds, we used our Earthway Precision Garden Seeder, holy cow, it is AMAZING! You pretty much fill it up with seed, walk down the row and BOOM, 1000’s of seeds in the ground. I highly recommend this seeder, I have to right! After all, it did plant 700,000 seeds, who does that??

Well that’s about it for now……

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